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We have completed installations in many property styles and types throughout the whole of mainland Scotland. We combine quality renewable energy installations with an experience built on 30 years in the industry serving domestic, public sector and commercial organisations. We pride ourselves on consulting with our customers at every stage. We listen, deliver a bespoke solution, demonstrate it fully, and communicate well from inception to completion and beyond. Our client feedback speaks for itself. Get your free survey and quote today!

What is a solar PV and battery storage and why choose this?

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) has been around for decades and is the most commonly used renewable technology in the UK. Solar PV panels generate electricity which can then be used in your home/ business reducing the need to import costly electricity from the national grid. Without a battery storage system, the electricity produced by the solar PV panels needs to be used as soon as it is produced otherwise it is sent to the national grid for use. With battery storage the electricity produced by a solar PV system but not used at that point, can then be stored in a battery for use later thus maximising your savings. As a renewable energy source, they are better for the environment and this being the case, are eligible for funding incentives from the Scottish Government.

Grants and Loans for Solar PV & Battery Storage

Solar PV and battery storage grants and interest-free loans (subject to approval) are available and MCA Renewables have years of experience in advising customers on the application process and will be with you every step of the way to advise.

From Tuesday 27th June 2023, Home Energy Scotland announced that funding for Solar PV and energy storage systems will only be available as part of a package together with a heat pump or a biomass boiler installation. If you already have a heat pump or biomass boiler installed and have a valid MCS certificate for the installation then you are still eligible to make an application for funding solar PV and energy storage. This funding is available to homeowners, people building their own homes, and private landlords. For each technology, you can apply for up to £6,000 of funding and this could take the form of a £1,250 Grant with the remaining £4,750 as an interest-free loan.

Your Own Mini Power Plant

It has long been proven that even with Scottish weather, solar PV really does perform well and can provide significant cost savings on your electricity bills. Your property would have its own mini power plant providing free electricity. Having a battery storage system means the electricity that your system produces but is not needed at the point of generation, is stored in your battery for use at a later point. This is when the sun goes down and electricity production ceases for the day. Some batteries also have the added advantage of keeping the lights/fridge/freezer on if you experience a power cut. As the national grid has power excesses at some points in the day, they sell this power at cheap rates and some batteries can be set up to receive this cheap power and store it in your battery for use as and when needed further enhancing your savings.

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

Being ignorant of how Air Heat Pumps/Solar Panel/Battery Storage worked, I put my trust in MCA. From the initial meeting through to completion I marvelled at the complete professionalism of this company. Anyone looking to install any of these systems should do themselves a favour and call MCA Renewables.

Solar PV and battery storage installation for Mr N from Dundee

MCA only install the best products so you can have peace of mind that your investment will last for years to come.

We only deal with the very best manufacturers for our solar PV and battery storage systems so you can be sure that you end up with a solution you can rely on. Our fully trained surveyors can assess and advise on which is the best option for your property type and your needs.

Solar PV Brands

MCA Renewables Solar Battery Storage Grant

The 6 STAGES to installation of a Solar PV & Battery Storage system by MCA Renewables

MCA Renewables are one of Scotland’s leading providers of renewable energy solutions for your property, with 30 years industry experience. The 5-stage process of having a system installed by us will include:

1. Free survey and quote

After hearing from you, our experts will visit your premises and carry out a comprehensive property survey. We will answer any questions you have, and provide a free quote based on your property and personal needs.

2. Funding application

There is grant and loan funding of up to £12,000 available from the Scottish Government for installing a solar PV and/or a battery storage system, if you are a homeowner, building your own home or are a private landlord. We can advise you of the process to apply for these.

3. Preparing for install

Once you have accepted the quotation from MCA Renewables, you will contacted to arrange a final technical survey to go over the installation details and discuss any final preparations and any customer responsibilities such as areas to be cleared for install day. We will also at this stage provide an estimated duration of installation.

4. Install Day

If a scaffold is required to complete the install, then this is usually erected a few days prior to the install starting. On the install day our highly trained and expert installers will arrive at your property on the scheduled date and time to complete the installation. They will advise you every step of the way on the works being carried out and install your new product with the least amount of disruption possible. Your contact at MCA Renewables Head Office will be in touch during installation to make sure you are happy.

5. Demonstration

Once your new system has been installed, it will then be commissioned and fully demonstrated to you, so you can be 100% confident you can get the most out of your new system. Your new system will be registered with the manufacturer for guarantee purposes, and an MCS installation certificate will be produced (where appropriate) which may be necessary for your funding paperwork.

6. After care

To ensure your new system remains in great condition and provide you with years of cost-effective and hassle-free electricity production and storage, as well as maintaining the manufacturer’s guarantee, MCA Renewables can provide a service and maintenance contract at a reasonable annual cost. Ask your MCA Renewables contact for further details.

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