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Commercial Biomass Boilers

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Domestic properties are also eligible to apply for this scheme provided that more than one domestic dwelling is being heated by a single boiler. This is classed as a District Heating System.

A Commercial Biomass Boiler is just like any other boiler with the only difference being the fuel used to create the heat. Biomass fuels are wood products like logs, woodchip or pellets which come from a sustainable source.

Wood products are usually less expensive that their fossil fuel equivalents like oil, LPG or electricity so most clients see considerable fuel savings by switching to biomass.

Funding help is available through Zero Waste Scotland for SMEs who which to install a biomass boiler, click here for further information.

MCA Renewables is a well established Biomass company that only offer you the very best advice and our install record is nothing less than exceptional. Please contact us if you would like some references from some of our clients.

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