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How Many Solar Jobs will be Saved by Energy Storage?

audits 9 January, 2016

When the FIT consultation was announced, and both the REA and STA produced well researched numbers of the job losses that the solar industry would lose (approx. 30,000), the industry reassured the public that Hinckley Point plant would generate 35,000 jobs. 

Sadly, the jobs mentioned won’t be available for years, not to mention that solar installers, designers and project managers won’t be qualified to work in a nuclear construction site, where most of the jobs will be generated with today’s nuclear energy growth.

The resilience of the solar industry has to be noted, as no matter the outcome of the FIT, solar energy will remain a dominant force within the energy sector. Jobs will still be on the rise with the solar industry’s growth, and no matter the losses, new fresh minds will come into the industry and supply it with the bold new ideas that it needs.

It won’t happen overnight, it won’t save every job or every company, sadly, but it can and will happen very quickly. As long as we get the building blocks right. Given a clear policy and taxation framework, and the ability to monetise all potential revenue streams, we’ll be off and running and the solar/storage/clean energy revolution will keep on rolling, and no thanks to the few that have reassured us of job security, we may just keep the lights on too.

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