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Our Services include:

  • Energy Audits
  • Biomass boilers
  • Biomass servicing
  • Solar PV
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid Heat Pumps

case studies from MCA RENEWABLES


  • Grant Biomas boilers install picture


    4 Dec, 2015

    System Size: 26kW for log cabin home Boiler used: Grant Spira Pod Fuel: Pellets Installed: Dec 2015.... [read more]

  • frolling S3 Turbo domestic biomass boiler install

    Spean Bridge

    9 Sep, 2015

    System Size: 36kW installed for a remote country home Boiler used: Froling S3 Turbo boiler in a garage .... [read more]

  • commercial biomass boiler install

    Humbie, East Lothian

    8 Sep, 2015

    System Size: 38kW installed for a farmhouse Boiler used: Froling P4 boiler in an outhouse with a 4.7 ton .... [read more]

  • braehead domestic biomass boilers install casestudy

    Braehead, Lanark

    6 Jun, 2015

    System Size: 18kW external boiler for 3 bed bungalow Boiler used: Warmflow Fuel: Pellets Installed:.... [read more]

  • Froling S4 Turbo boiler cawder golf club biomass boiler

    Cawder Golf Club, Bishopbriggs

    5 May, 2015

    System Size: 140kW dual fuel custom built container system Boiler used: 60kW Froling S4 Turbo Log & 8.... [read more]

  • frolling commercial biomass boiler install

    Croftamie, Stirlingshire

    10 Mar, 2015

    System Size: 90kW installed for a large country home Boiler used: 2 x 45kW Froling P4 boiler in a custom .... [read more]

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